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Here at Lynches Lake Historical Society and Museum we want everyone who comes in to learn more. We provide exhibits as well as narration’s of historical events that happened in the Pee Dee Region from the Prehistoric era to Modern day. We hope everyone comes in and leave learning something they did not know beforehand.

Field Trips/Group Tours

We enjoy having groups of people from a collective group of people, a school, or an organization come in and learn more about the local history of the area. To make sure that you get the best trip that you want please contact us and schedule your trip. We want your trip to be the best learning experience possible. For teachers, let us know what subject your class is in so that we can make the majority of the experience about the subject to help, the kids understand. For all groups let us know the size of your group in advance, this is so that we know how many people will be coming to plan ahead for how many guides you will need, as well as let us know if you plan on dividing into different groups.

Plan Your Visit

This room is dedicated to the historical and scholarly research for all who come in.There are two main Research areas that are designed to help out both individuals, and groups. We have both the Microfilm Room and the HistoricalResearch Room. The latter is our personal Library that has a vast variety of subjects. Ranging from National subjects to local families’ Histories. TheMicrofilm room is a large conference room that can be used for research but is mainly held for the use of the Microfilm. The Microfilm we have are a vast variety. From deeds, plats, conveyance books, equity rolls, church records/minutes, council minutes, Lake City newspapers, some Kingstree newspapers, and some Scranton newspapers. We would like to help everyone we can do research from a school project or book assignment to some trying to research their family and where they come from.

Research Room