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About the Exhibit

In this room we talk about how SC geography has changed over the course of millions of years. Originally the beach being closer to the Midlands during that time meant that the area like the Pee Dee was under water. We show, through fossils and artifacts, how this statement is true and also discuss the different aquatic life that was around the area at the time. We talk about the invasion of species and the natural inhabitants. The process that which the invasive species could at one point push the natural inhabitants out of the ecosystem.

We discuss about the ingenuity and adaptation of a species to continue to evolve. This is seen through the nest of native birds from the region. We have kept their nest exactly as they were found. We see the invasive species and talk how does a species get from their original environment to here. We talk about the ramifications of how invasive species, if there is no predator to regulate them, could do to an environment. This room is a great discussion of the environment and why we need to keep the area clean. We would not want to destroy an entire species on accident because of mistakes we have made.

Exhibit Contributors:
Dale Smith

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