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Medical History/Surgery
Open Mon - Fri 9:00 am – 4:00 pm; Sat & Sun Closed
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About the Exhibit

In the history of the building at one time being the Whitehead Infirmary, we had an operating room. This room was used to deliver children and preform minor surgeries in the town of Lake City. Now this room houses our Surgical or Medical History room. In this we have physical representations of how the science of medicine has progressed through the ages through the artifacts. These artifacts tell stories within themselves that sometimes we don’t even need to tell. We discuss about how hospitals were structured in the time during the creation of the hospital, we also discuss about how on the sides of each room is labeled how the rooms were when the infirmary was established. We discuss the medical practice and how some treatments were preformed on patients, as well as some incidental cures that would help.

In this room we tell who was born in the Whitehead Infirmary, as well as doctors who worked in, born in, or was inspired by the Infirmary. We discuss how the nurse work throughout the building and what their job entails for them. These nurses did so much for their community and continue to do so. We hope that we can continue to tell their tales as well as tell others about how far medical advances have come from.

Exhibit Contributors:
Whitehead Family, Singletary Family

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