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Revolutionary War Display

About the Exhibit

This room discusses the Civil War as well as important events that happened in SC and the region. We discuss the causes of the Civil War, what both sides thought, and how the mentality changed over time. We discuss how this war affected not only the country but families on both sides of the war. We explore the outcome of the war and discuss why the side won the war. We also discuss the local history of the area (for example: Mars Bluff Naval Yard)and how it impacted the war efforts.

This room is not intended to glorify one side or the other but to discuss the history of the fighting and how it began. We discuss the abolitionist movement as well as the Underground Railroad. We discuss about the ow African Americans were treated on both sides of the war. The discussion of African Americans serving in the war may seem unfair and grim, we let people know in advance that though it was a hard fought battle and some African American groups never saw fighting til near the end of the war we discuss a major all African American division (54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry) lead by Robert Gould Shaw who should many people that African Americans could fight not only in battle but do so bravely in forces that many people would say to be a slim situation of surviving.

We also discuss how some women were involved in the abolitionist movement in the hopes that after all men received full citizenship that universal suffrage would be established. This plays into post-Civil War discussion of the South and the difference between Reconstruction and Antebellum.

We also show how during the wars American equipment changes as well as public response of the area through Newspapers around the United States.

Exhibit Contributors:
Horry County Museum, South Carolina State Capitol

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