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Early Trades
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About the Exhibit

This section of the museum focuses on what trades people would be doing during the early settlement of Lake City as well as around the Pee Dee region. We discuss how trade goods would go on from a time and the dynamic of the economy. We demonstrate within the room how trading between businesses worked, but also discuss how the business pricing works. We talk about how in a town almost every business was connected to either all the town or part of it. We state how some one like a single hunter or farmer, can become a major help within the system. We discuss how shoes are made and the reason that they needed certain people.

We also discuss about how barrels were not only built but also how greatly conceived they were. Most of the barrels were made out of timber with metal hoops wrapped around them and with this design was able to have barrels of material and even water to be brought from the original location to its destination. We discuss how in Lake City history there was a lot of entrepreneurs throughout the town and started many businesses, though many businesses failed, the spirit to try and do more and achieve was never broken. That spirit has been since the 1920s and has not ended up to the present day.

Exhibit Contributors:
Horry County Museum, Keith Gunter, Dale Smith

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