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About the Exhibit

This room of the museum focuses in on the textile industry. What materials as well as mainly machines were used in the early portions of the industry. The textile industry was originally a woman ran industry. Women were able to make clothes and materials out of cloth and fabric. To show the importance of this industry the vast majority of apparel as well as almost all bedding was from this industry in 1980s America.

Ever wonder how they were able to measure how long a yarn of rope was? In this industry we can tell a lot about the people that was apart of it. We can tell that people wanted to make the material less time consuming, less strain onto the workers overall and finally they wanted to do it in mass quantities. It shows through the means of technology of how most instruments we have within the industry of Early Textiles was made almost completely wooden. This was so parts can be made quickly and not cost a considerable amount of the profit coming in.

The first major invention that we can see is the invention of the Cotton gin. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin as a device to speed up the process of separating cotton seed from its fiber. From then on the textile industry was forever changing and always trying to increase production and lessen the resources needed.

Exhibit Contributors:
Horry County Museum, Bob Hill, Kent Daniels, Dale Smith

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