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Current and upcoming exhibits at Lynches Lake Historical Society & Museum.

Early Trades
This section of the museum focuses on what trades people would be doing during the early settlement of Lake City as well as around the...
Medical History/Surgery
In the history of the building at one time being the Whitehead Infirmary, we had an operating room. This room was used to deliver...
Miniature Models
Miniature models, called dioramas, are used to depict an event in history. The miniature models we used are hand painted and was either...
Native American
In this section of the museum, we discuss the topic of Native Americans during the events of their past. How they came here, why they...
Natural History
In this room we talk about how SC geography has changed over the course of millions of years. Originally the beach being closer to the...
Patient Ward
Originally being the Whitehead Infirmary, we have dedicated a room to the building’s past. We also tell past stories from the patients at...
Revolutionary War
This section of the museum is one of our main topic subjects for us. In this room we talk about not only the American Revolution and but...
This room of the museum focuses in on the textile industry. What materials as well as mainly machines were used in the early portions of...
War Room
This room discusses the Civil War as well as important events that happened in SC and the region. We discuss the causes of the Civil War...